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*Performing artists who would like information on joining our Catalog Program, please contact Jane Irvine at 304-428-3988 or

Instructions for Catalog Use

Each participating school (See "List of Participating Schools" above.) is entitled to five "artist units" during the school year. Selections may be made by the principal, an individual teacher or a designated coordinating teacher.

About Artist Units

General guidelines for an artist unit is a 45 minute presentation to one grade level. However, given the varied nature of arts experiences offered in the catalog, schools and individual artists can determiner together how many units a presentation requires. Artsbridge can provide additional guidance, if necessary.

Schools are responsible for keeping records of numbers of artist units used. ALL FIVE UNITS MUST BE USED DURING THIS SCHOOL YEAR. UNITS CANNOT BE TRANSFERRED FROM ONE SCHOOL TO ANOTHER. This is to insure that students in every participating school can enjoy all five artist presentations (units) allotted to their school.

  1. Selecting from the "Catalog of Artists and Performers," the teacher contacts the artist and schedules dates/times of a presentation at the school. The teacher and artist confirm the number of units to be used (see above guidelines.). The artist will inform Artsbridge of presentations scheduled. The artist will send the school a STUDY GUIDE prior to the performance.
  2. On the day of the performance, make a copy of the "Catalog Form." The teacher and artist fill out this form after the presentation is completed. The artists is responsible for submitting the form to Artsbridge for payment.
  3. Please use the "teacher evaluation form" to provide feedback to Artsbridge.

Please do not hesitate to call the Artsbridge Arts Education Director for any clarification of the above. Should you have any difficulties with scheduling or related performances, we ask that you let Artsbridge know immediately at 304-428-3988. We appreciated all constructive feedback.

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